November 30, 2016

The GreenHomeNYC Green Careers group thanks all our volunteers and participants for helping us make 2016 a great year!

Green Careers provides informational resources and networking opportunities for emerging and transitioning professionals seeking careers in the fields of energy efficiency, sustainability and green technology.   Learn where and how to pursue these opportunities through presentations by government, business, non-profit, and research and development experts, as well as job-search workshops with career development professionals.  Our events are. Read more…

November 13, 2016

{Green Careers} October 2016 Recap: Green Products Industry

by Keith Wong   October’s GreenHomeNYC Sustainable Career Tracks explored careers that focus on reducing the public health threats found in materials, goods and services. The speakers came from a variety of fields that are responsible for different phases of sustainable projects and products, but all share a common theme: they look to product and. Read more…

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Our Green Careers Group Needs You and Your Bright Ideas for our 2017 Programs!

  Thanks to all our volunteers for supporting and attending Green Careers events this past year! We’d love your feedback and welcome your ideas to help us create another great year.   For our November 15th Green Careers meeting, we’ll begin planning the 2017 calendar year.  Please join us and share your thoughts about this year’s past events,. Read more…

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September 24, 2016

{Green Careers} September 2016 Recap: Elevator Pitch Workshop

By Matt Gerson and Katie Schwamb   An elevator pitch is defined as “a succinct personal summary used to capture the interest of a potential employer.” The name comes from the idea that this speech is delivered within the brief timeframe of a typical elevator ride; it raises one of the most important questions you need. Read more…

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September 1, 2016

{Green Careers} September 13th: Elevator Pitch Workshop!

  While it can be tough to convince a potential employer or client why you’re the best person for a job in thirty seconds or less, it’s a crucial skill for any professional to have.   Join us on September 13 at Grohe Live! Center Showroom for an interactive learning experience with two stellar moderators, who. Read more…

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August 24, 2016

{Green Careers} August 2016 Recap: Sustainable Career Tracks – Corporate Social Responsibility

By Dean Yeh   In recent years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a rising phenomenon in companies, which have begun to integrate sustainability into previously established business models.  Broadly defined as a business initiative that monitors a company’s effects on environmental and social wellbeing, CSR has proven to be a beneficial practice in business. Read more…

July 29, 2016

{Green Careers} July 2016 Recap: Interview Skills- Discussion/Workshop

By Thomas Storck     On July 12, a diverse group of experts joined GreenHomeNYC Careerists to offer advice to job seekers in both the private and public sectors. While the focus was on the job interview, the speakers also addressed pre- and post-interview strategies to help applicants strengthen their prospects at all stages of. Read more…

June 6, 2016

{Green Careers} June 14th: Networking with John Crant – Discussion/Workshop

  NETWORKING is often the key to having a successful and impactful career.   Join the GHNYC Green Careers group for a discussion lead by career coach and subject matter expert, John Crant on effective networking strategies that you can use in real life, interpersonal situations — such as industry events and informational interviews — as well. Read more…

June 1, 2016

{Green Careers} May 2016 Recap– Sustainable Career Tracks: Education/Academics

By Thomas Storck     From teachers to program managers on various scales, the following green professionals were brought together by the GreenHomeNYC Green Careers group on May 10th to share their personal histories, day-to- day challenges and advice about that indefinable and ever-changing area between sustainability and academia. Their stories, as summarized below, reveal that their differences. Read more…

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May 2, 2016

{Green Careers} May 2016 – Sustainable Career Tracks: Education/Academics

Have you ever wondered how a career in sustainability and energy efficiency might intersect with education and academics?  Well look no further!   For our May meet-up, the Green Careers group has invited sustainability professionals with various roles in the Education and Academics sector to discuss their careers. Come hear from the following sustainability professionals as. Read more…

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