Green Career Transitions

February 10, 2012

Greetings Green Career Hunters. Stalking the wild Sustainable job can be among the most difficult prey you will ever hunt.


That’s why each month, on the first Tuesday of the Month from 6:30-8, GreenHomeNYC sponsors our Green Career Meetup. It’s designed to get your foot in the door of sustainable businesses, by teaching you some basics of the job searching world and the sustainable world, all in one. Most times, our discussion is facilitated by GHNYC Board member Andy Padian, who has found many, many people jobs over his 30+ year career. Last year, in cooperation with the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), who we are a subchapter of, we found 14 people real full-time paid jobs in the field; we’ve been consistently finding jobs for people at the rate of one a month. We’d like you to become one of them this year.


Now read the rules set by the Green Career Transitions guru, Andy Padian, which we think are fair:


Both NESEA and NESEA’s NYC chapters past and present have helped my career substantially over the last 32+ years, and I hope that both can do the same for you. It’s important for you to listen what’s going on in the sustainable world, and the best way to do that is to attend both the GreenHomeNYC monthly forums (held the third Wednesday of every month 6:30-8pm except in December) and to attend the NESEA Building Energy Conference in Boston, each March, and their upcoming NYC conference in October. This is where you learn what is really going on in the sustainable community, including who may want to mentor you and/or hire you in the field.


Many of you are asking for individualized career advice, and are sending your resumes. But I have a full time job and occasionally want to hang with my cat and a beer when I’m not electronically reading your resumes. I’ve been getting floods of e-mails and resumes from all of you, to work on your resumes, or meet you to discuss your careers. That would be great if it was my full time job, but it isn’t. So I’ll make a deal with you.

If you are a volunteer for GreenHomeNYC, and the volunteer coordinator sends me an e-mail and says “this person is a great volunteer” then you get lunch or drinks with me to look over your resume and credentials, and I pick up the tab. If I get a similar e-mail from Jennifer Marrapese, the Executive Director of NESEA, telling you are a full NESEA member (part of your NESEA membership money goes to GreenHomeNYC), same deal.


If you do neither, and you want career advice and resume review help, you can meet me for lunch or drinks, on you, and bring two $100 checks; one made out to NESEA, one made out to GreenHomeNYC, then you’ve got an hour of my time; maybe a little more. And both checks are tax deductable, because both organizations are 501 c(3) organizations. Come with bigger checks, I have more time for you.


We’ll still have the GreenHomeNYC monthly meetups on the first Tuesday of each month, where we’ll give you general direction in a facilitated session with as many as show up, but not lots of time for individual attention. And there are numerous forums at the NESEA Building Energy Conference to help you find out where your career might or should go.


So volunteer for GreenHomeNYC and NESEA, and be a NESEA member, and you get an hour of my time for free. The rest of you who don’t want to commit your time to help my two favorite organizations, then you should pay cash for it. That’s fair, no?


Now, some free consulting for all of you on your resumes, please read the following:

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