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{Green Careers} September 2015 Recap: Managing Impressions: The Power Of Body Language

September 29, 2015

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By Thomas Storck


The scene: You’re sitting in an office to which you’d been invited to a week prior for a job interview, waiting to meet your potential future employer face-to-face. Your interviewer arrives to greet you, shakes your hand, and directs you through a short hallway to her office. As you hang your coat across an adjacent chair and open your bag to remove copies of your resume, you try to anticipate her first question so as to make a good first impression at the beginning of the interview.Job interview_m


But it’s too late.


According to communication coach Pam Berns, it takes only 30 seconds to make a first impression (by conservative estimates). More often than we think, we could be reaching that deadline before having a chance to say anything at all! It follows, then, that if we acknowledge the power of a first impression then we must equally acknowledge the power of our body language. The latter’s power hinges on two ideas – consciously or not, we are 1) constantly sending messages and 2) constantly judging others.


How can we make a good first impression, if not verbally, in a situation like the hypothetical scenario described above? For one thing, keep in mind that a strong handshake communicates power and gives you an opportunity to respond similarly if you meet an interviewer with one of those “power grips”. Also, be sure to use direct eye contact to communicate confidence. Remember, there’s a reason the police have long used eye contact as a way to judge a suspect’s honesty.


Below are a few examples to get us thinking about how we send messages with our bodies:


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The Green Spotlight on BE NYC: Rebecca Marshall

September 27, 2015

rebecca marshallRebecca Marshall’s Mantra:
“Sustainability has no boundaries.”


By Pamela Berns





“Sustainability doesn’t have boundaries.” That’s Rebecca Marshall ‘s mantra. On October 15, Rebecca, who is the Javits Center’s Energy and Sustainability Manager, will spread the wisdom as she shares the in-depth sustainability story behind the Center’s recent renovation. Rebecca is an upbeat person with a serious mission: to expand the boundaries of sustainability well beyond the Center’s 840,000 square feet of exhibit space. While she monitors the building’s resource consumption and engages employees internally, she also works to help customers exhibit responsibly and strives to ensure that the Javits Center is a “good neighbor” to the buildings that are rapidly going up in the adjacent Hudson Yards. She’s also works to extend a green welcome to New York City tourists, and even helps provide a safe haven for the local wildlife population. And she shares a commitment with others in her field to improve and increase sustainability in the events and conventions industry.


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