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October Forum: Pull Up the Shades: Spotlight on Windows

September 19, 2014

Every building has them, but what do we really know about the different types of windows in NYC Buildings? And what are the most efficient ones available to us? Join GreenHomeNYC this October to tackle some of these questions in our spotlight on windows and insulation forum. From the different building codes, to how we use windows once they’re in our buildings, and just what really goes on in those all glass buildings, this is sure to be a forum not to miss!


This forum is free and open to the public!


Date: Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014
Time: 6:30-8:00pm
Place: DORMA Design Center, 1040 Avenue of the Americas, 22nd floor, New York, NY 10001


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Our speakers will include:


Jamie Kleinberg, Urban Green Council, Advocacy & Research Coordinator

Jamie Kleinberg is responsible for the implementation of Urban Green Council’s advocacy and research projects. She guided the production of 90 by 50, a report which showed that New York City can reduce greenhouse gas emissions 90% by 2050, with a major focus on the building sector. Jamie also coordinated the planning and development of the Building Resiliency Task Force, an effort to improve the New York City building code after Superstorm Sandy, and is involved with Urban Green’s ongoing green code endeavors. Other work includes Seduced by the View, a study of tenant behavior in all-glass buildings, and Baby It’s Cold Inside, an analysis of how different codes and construction types affect building resiliency during power outages. Jamie holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University and is a LEED Green Associate.


Aurimas Sabulis, Intus Windows, Managing Director

Aurimas Sabulis, principal at Intus Windows, has been involved in sustainable building design for past decade. With extensive knowledge in glazing systems Aurimas helped to lead numerous projects at Intus Windows that were featured in multiple publications and media sources including Builder’s magazine, Light Construction Journal and similar. His expertise provided substantial help to multiple Passive House standard building across US including first Net-Zero House in Washington DC and first Charter School in US to use triple windows. Aurimas is tremendously involved in organizations promoting green, sustainable and energy efficient design in buildings. He constantly tries to influence organizations such as USGBC and Passive House Institute to push the boundaries on required building envelope performance criteria and show the best possible solutions for it. Aurimas’ experience in European building markets provides invaluable knowledge to Intus Windows clients and different organizations were Aurimas is involved. His experience in building industry and expertize in finances allowed Intus Windows to develop product lines that can be affordable and at the same time can exceed performance metrics of majority currently developed building.



Keep checking back at our website for more information on this forum!

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September ’14 Green Building Tour: Sunset Park Material Recovery Facility

September 11, 2014


invites you to join us on September 30th as we explore

Sims Municipal Recycling’s Sunset Park Material Recovery Facility!


2014-05-15 11.03.56

Sims Municipal Recycling’s (SMR) processes all of NYC’s residential and institutional metal, glass and plastic recyclables, as well as half of the City’s paper.  The new facility has a Recycling Education Center, where New Yorkers are encouraged to come see how recycling happens in NYC. The bright colors and interactive exhibits will engage younger visitors, and detailed information about their processing equipment and business strategy will spark questions for adults.


When: Tuesday September 30, 2014 6:30pm-8:00pm.

Where: 472 Second Avenue (NOT Street) Brooklyn, NY 11232.


2014-05-15 10.59.32

The visit will start with introductory presentation and videos that will illustrate what happens after recyclables are put into the recycling bin.  Visitors will then have some time to explore the interactive exhibits that detail the sorting operations. The tour continues onto the catwalk that oversees huge piles of recyclables and the operating equipment. As a member of the green economy, the Sims site also features a large solar panel installation, habitat mitigation through artificial reefs, native plantings, and fuzzy rope nets to encourage growth of filter feeders along the pier. Sims hopes that a visit to the recycling facility will forever change visitors’ perception of what it means to throw something “away.”


Space is limited – Register Today!



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