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Green Careers: Sustainable Waste Management

April 26, 2017

Interested in learning about compost, recycling, and other forms of sustainable waste management? Join Green Careers for an interactive panel on sustainable waste management practices in NYC!


Marisa Kaminski – Zero Waste Schools Program
Marguerite Manela – NYC Department of Sanitation, Bureau of Recycling and Sustainability
Amy Marpman – Recycling Track Systems
Jacquelyn Ottman – We Hate to Waste


Tue, May 9, 2017
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM EDT
Steven Winter Associates
307 7th Avenue
17th Floor Conference Room
New York City, NY 10001


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May Forum: Next Stage Solar

April 25, 2017

Year after year, the solar energy industry continues to blaze a trail of record breaking growth in the United States. In 2016, the industry grew by 97%, was the number one source of new electric capacity for the first time, and accounted for 1 out of every 50 new jobs created throughout the year. It is undeniably becoming a major force within the energy sector as well as within the political landscape, with a majority of Americans in favor of expanding its use.


With so much attention going to what solar has recently done, at this month’s GreenHomeNYC Forum, we want to take a look at what the solar industry will be doing next, with a specific focus on trends in technology. From solar shingles and tiles to energy storage to microgrids to solar canopies and more, there is a lot happening and we will have several experts speaking about their involvement in some of the up and coming technologies and processes in the solar energy marketplace happening right in our own backyard.


Join us this month to hear about the next stage of solar!


Date: Wednesday, May 17th, 2017
Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
Place: Knoll Showroom, 1330 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10019


Register Here!


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March Forum Recap: Patty Noonan Memorial Policy Forum – Beware The Ides of March: Outlook for Our Sustainable Future

April 17, 2017

by Thomas Storck



This year’s Patty Noonan Memorial Forum on Policy addressed concerns over proposed policy changes made by the current White House administration to undermine ongoing sustainability initiatives. Drawing inspiration from the legacy of founding GreenHomeNYC member Patty Noonan, Andy Padian, President, PadianNYC Consulting, joined Marcia Bystryn, President, NY League of Conservation Voters, and Charles Komanoff, Director, Carbon Tax Center/Komanoff Energy Associates, to share past experiences and to offer insight into how to be an affective environmental advocate.



It was 14 years ago that a group of 30 affordable homes in the South Bronx became the first of their kind in New York State to be built to Energy Star standards. Compared to typical affordable housing in the area, the project cost $1.36 more per ft2 and used one-fifth the energy. Today, all affordable housing is built to similar standards, but we didn’t get there without a fight. “This was thought of as completely berserk,” said Andy Padian. “[The developer] wouldn’t have done it without Patty kicking really hard.”


To provide some historical context, Padian recalled the mood among his colleagues at Mayor Ed Koch’s Energy Office when President Reagan was elected. “We were horrifically depressed.” Yet despite the President zeroing out both weatherization funding and the Home Energy Assistance Program in every budget, he encountered push back from a variety of groups who worked together to voice their opposition. As a result, funding for these programs actually increased under Reagan. When NY Representative Bill Green opposed federal solar and conservation tax credits because his low-income constituents failed to take advantage, Padian called Green’s Legislative Assistant on Housing and Energy and explained how these credits could be useful. Much to Reagan’s disappointment, Green was persuaded to change his vote. “This is what advocacy is about,” Padian said.


{Green Careers} March Event Recap: Freelancing and Starting Your Own Business

April 4, 2017

by Radhika Sri Paravastu


Many professionals have had an idea of starting their own business, either from an early age or due to dissatisfaction with their current work. Whether you want to bring a new idea or service to the world or offer services in an established field, it can be challenging to strike out on your own. To learn how to put the right foot forward while starting one’s own freelancing or entrepreneurial journey, GreenhomeNYC’s March event focused on “Freelancing and Starting Your Own Business.” It saw speakers who are both established and budding entrepreneurs in building software, engineering, solar, and business consulting. Each speaker gave us a glimpse into their professional lives and how entrepreneurship is different than working in a more traditional setting: (more…)

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