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March Forum – Patty Noonan Memorial Policy Forum – Beware The Ides of March: Outlook for Our Sustainable Future

March 11, 2017

With the recent changes in Washington, many have decried how the future of a good sustainable agenda is threatened.  Many have faced these threats in the past, and hope to give a positive message, and a series of solutions, to continue the fight.  This annual policy forum is dedicated to the late Patty Noonan, a gifted policy professional who helped push sustainability in affordable housing for the first time in NYS; Patty may have died prematurely but left a legacy of strong fellow advocates.  Tonight, we hope to encourage new advocates to follow in her footsteps.


Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Time: 6:30-8:00pm
Place: Knoll Showroom, 1330 Avenue of the Americas., New York, NY 10018


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Monthly Forum Recap: Everyday People and Sustainability

March 1, 2017

by Theresa Baker


If you’re trying to make more sustainable choices in your daily life, the GreenHomeNYC February Forum offered plenty of options.  The evening featured four speakers who spoke passionately about ways that “everyday people” in New York City can improve their quality of life, save energy and live more sustainably.


Simple Steps for Everyone

Carmel Pratt, a Sustainability Consultant for Steven Winter Associates, spoke on the top ten ways to save energy in your apartment or home.  Pratt pointed out a stunning statistic – the average American uses 140-170 gallons of water per day through choices they make in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry. By simply not running water when washing dishes, limiting shower time, and using cold water instead of hot when doing laundry, residents can significantly reduce this usage. (more…)

{Green Careers} February Recap: Resume Speed (up)Dating Workshop

February 28, 2017

by Radhika Sri Paravastu


For many job seekers, a resume is the one chance they have to capture a potential employer’s attention. To help job seekers land a career opportunity in the green industry, GreenhomeNYC recently organized the Resume Speed (up)Dating workshop at Steven Winter Associates. The event saw a mix of participants ranging from students to industry practitioners, all seeking a better career in the green industry. Each participant’s resume was reviewed by several sustainability professionals.


Most of the reviewers pointed out that every detail included in a resume should be well thought-out, intentional, and appropriate to the kind of job you are seeking. Here are ten takeaways from the event: (more…)

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Sea Change: Sea Level Rise and New York City’s Resilience Efforts

February 25, 2017

by Samantha Yost


Superstorm Sandy, Credit: Wally Gobetz

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy was a wake-up call to New York City, signaling that the demands of a changing climate are the “new normal,” and the city needs all hands on deck to mitigate the damage of future storms.  Although much of the damage caused by flooding events occur during storms, sea level rise is very much a wildcard; higher water levels stack with coastal flooding, increasing the amount of damage that may result.


How much sea level rise can we expect in the next century?

Nobody can say for certain how much global sea level rise we can expect in the next century. Changing sea levels are caused by two main factors: the melting of continental glaciers (most significantly in Greenland and Antarctica), and thermal expansion.  Warmer objects expand, and a warmer climate means that our oceans will physically expand in size.


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