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August 30, 2008

Since 2002, GreenHomeNYC has been connecting NYC residents with local experts and actionable information to help them improve the energy and environmental performance of their homes and buildings.


GreenHomeNYC uses a peer-learning model that brings together interested volunteers to organize our programs, and to learn and teach others about green building in New York City.


Over the years, the number and variety of volunteer-driven initiatives to provide free and low-cost public programs and web-based resources have grown in response to the increasing public profile of green building as an essential part of improving New York City’s sustainability. Today, the activities of GreenHomeNYC span the following four areas:

Activity: Free and Low-Cost Public Programs

The Public Programs team organizes GreenHomeNYC’s events that provide opportunities to see green buildings at work and learn from the experiences of residents and experts alike.

Public Program Initiatives

Activity: Web-based Information & Resources

The Web Information Resources team organizes GreenHomeNYC’s efforts to provide timely and actionable information to NYC residents via the Web. It also responds to press inquiries about NYC green buildings.

Web Info & Resources Initiatives

  • One-Stop Green Building Events Calendar: A comprehensive list of green building events
  • GreenHomeNYC Blog & Video Projects
  • Green Buildings Database: Listing & map of green projects: LEED, Energy Star, Green Communities, and otherwise high-performing.
  • Press & media support: Green building articles for the Cooperator & responding to inquiries about green building in NYC from members of the press & media

Activity: Green Career Transitions

This new program area is focused on formalizing a function that GreenHomeNYC has served for its volunteers over the past 7 years: helping people seeking a greener career path.

Green Career Initiatives

  • Green Career Special Interest Group (SIG): An affinity group for career transitioners to share information and support each other in their quest to green their career paths.

Activity: Engaging Experts

The Engaging Experts team supports the broad range of GreenHomeNYC’s initiatives to bring together experts and the public by cultivating and maintaining the relationship between GreenHomeNYC and the community of green building practitioners in New York City.

Engaging Experts Initiatives

  • Partners in Practice: An advisory group of professionals in energy & green building services, real estate development, architecture, public policy, and urban planning.
  • “Ask an Expert” and”Green Buildings Database” Relationships

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