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The Big Tent: Sustainability and Resiliency at WISE

April 8, 2015


Panelists at BEEx WiSE “The Big Tent”

At the final event of the Women in Sustainability and Energy (WISE) breakfast symposia series on March 27, 2015, the Building Energy Exchange brought together some of the industry’s leading women to discuss bringing sustainability and resiliency to the broadest set of communities in “The Big Tent” session. The Building Energy Exchange launched the WISE series this year during Women’s History Month in order to highlight female leaders and their work accelerating sustainability programs and energy agendas.


At the final session, Ariella Maron (Principal, Buro Happold Engineering) moderated a panel of three women, Dana Bourland (Vice President, Environment Program, The JPB Foundation), Bomee Jung (Senior Director and NY Deputy Director, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc & Co-Founder of GreenHomeNYC) and Kit Kennedy (Director of Energy and Transportation, NRDC) who spoke to their own experiences as not only women, but as professionals in the sustainability and energy realm. In an industry where too few women are involved, the panelists discussed examples of times when they have had a chance to demonstrate their own leadership as well as experiences learning from other women about how to make huge strides in the energy efficiency realm.



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Green Building Tours: Oko Farms Aquaponics Tour

There’s something fishy going on in Brooklyn, but in the best way possible!


Despite predictions of snow, several intrepid GreenHomeNYC members made their way to Bushwick last month for a very informative tour of a local aquaponics farm.  Oko Farms was founded by budding entrepreneurs Yemi Amu and Jonathan Boe, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation.  It’s currently the largest outdoor aquaponics farm in New York City.


OKO_1_2What is aquaponics?  In simplest terms, it’s a method of growing fresh water fish and plants within a closed loop system that generates little or no waste. In the course of the tour conducted by co-founder Amu, it became apparent that this highly sustainable farming method can play a vital role in healthy, nutritious food production.


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