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Monthly Forum: Sustainability in the 2020 Election Cycle (Virtual Edition)

May 28, 2020

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Confused about our upcoming NYS, NYC and Federal primary elections? Do you know the deadlines to vote early or by mail? What is the “Green New Deal,” anyway? Which candidates have strong pro-environment voting records? Join GreenHomeNYC at this month’s Forums event for a panel discussion + Q&A with professionals who work in policy and governmental affairs.


State and Local government matters now, more than ever. This special GHNYC forum will help us get informed, get involved and better understand how environmental policy and legislation may advance over the coming years.


So much is changing, day by day, Green Home NYC will bring you three experts to discuss how the NYS and NYC voting process has changed and what State and local environmental policy and legislation might look like in the age of the Coronovirus-19.


Speakers for this event include:

Joshua Klainberg /// Senior Vice President, NYS League of Conservation Voters

Cecil Cecil Corbin-Mark /// Deputy Director and Director of Policy Initiatives at WE ACT for Environmental Justice’s (WE ACT)

Ese Olumhense/// Reporter for THE CITY





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May 26, 2020

The New York State Presidential Primary is ON, and a number of important elections will take place in counties around NY State and in districts throughout NYC. Vote-by-mail, early voting, and in-person voting will all be available.




On June 10, 2020, GHNYC will host a Forum on the upcoming elections and their impact on the environment. In the meantime, we’ll do our best to keep you updated on what you need to do to be sure your vote gets counted.




May 29 is the Deadline to Register to Vote in the June New York Primary Election


If you’re not already registered, you must apply by this Friday, May 29 to vote in the June primaries. Mail applications must be postmarked by May 29, and received at the Board of Elections by June 3. In-person registration for Primary applications must be received by the Board of Elections by May 29.


Note: You are required to wear a mask/face covering and maintain 6 feet of distance when entering any Board of Elections facility.


You can find registration forms and information at



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Don’t Miss Green Careers for Non-STEM—May 26 at 6:30pm

May 25, 2020

Speaker Preview: Judith Albert


Along with three other experts, Judith Albert will join GreenHomeNYC online on Tuesday, May 26 to explore the green career paths for non-STEM professionals.
Judy’s own green career path certainly didn’t begin with a STEM education.  She holds a degree in Latin American Studies and has practiced law. She worked in banking before moving onto the Natural Resources Defense Council, where she served as Executive Director of a group called Environmental Entrepreneurs. She now teaches Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility at the New School, and is a board member at Inside Climate News and at Cornerstone Capital Group, an impact investing advisory firm.
Judy has seen people come to green jobs “with all kinds of backgrounds.” Often, their positions  don’t even include the word  “sustainability,” she said. Non-STEM jobs can range from logistics to marketing, and a liberal arts education can be great foundation for a career in sustainability.


On May 26, Judy will talk about the twists and turns of her career journey and what drove her through these shifts along the way.  She’ll also share what she expects to see for green careers in a post-COVID-19 world.


Full event description and ticket info

Interview by Jonathan Oriondo 



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{Green Careers} May – Sustainability for non-STEM

May 17, 2020

Join us for our May 2020 Green Careers webinar for a panel discussion + Q&A with individuals who work in sustainability that do not have STEM degrees.

So you don’t have a STEM degree, but you want a career in sustainability? Green careers in New York are expected to increase in demand over the coming years. In the US and globally, companies are moving forward with their commitments to sustainability, creating opportunities across many industries that will draw from a variety of disciplines, and policy experts continue to plan for a fossil-free future.


Come learn from experts on sustainability careers, and hear from professionals who have transitioned into green careers without a science or engineering background.


Eban Goodstein – Director of Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College, with an M ED degree in Environmental Ed, an MBA in Sustainability and an MS in Environmental Policy. The sustainability programs at Bard mostly focus on non-STEM undergraduate majors to prepare them for careers in this space.


Betsy Harbison – B2B Marketer, she made the switch into sustainability when she became the Director of Marketing for Bright Power in October 2017. Prior to that, she worked at a boutique management consulting firm focused on increasing employee satisfaction and performance (marketing and communications functional role) and the American Cancer Society (fundraising and event planning functional role).


Judith Albert – Adjunct Professor at the New School teaching Corporate Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility. Prior to making the transition into sustainability, she worked in investment banking in Latin America, New York and London.


Tom Sahagian – Building energy efficiency expert, he has worked for over 35 years in New York City and Westchester focusing on sustainability. Tom received his college degree in Journalism and is a testament that educational background should not serve as a barrier to a sustainability career.



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