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January 14, 2021

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Monthly Forum: Material Shortages

July 8, 2021

Raw materials are often hidden from sight, not often thought about. But with rising prices in lumber and concrete, there’s been a noticeable effect through scarcity and the increase in costs. How has this material shortage and the resulting inflation affected projects from building construction to solar panels to lithium batteries? How sustainable is our consumption of raw materials and what can be done to make our supply chain more resilient to climate change and further pandemics.

Join us at our July Forum to find out.

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Speakers TBA. Check back soon.

What to Watch: Two Green Film Reviews

July 2, 2021

By Tamanna Mohapatra The Biggest Little Farm: Available on: Hulu, Run time:  91 minutes, Release: 2018.More information at:

Directed and narrated by John Chester, a former documentary cinematographer, “The Biggest Little Farm” is both funny and hopeful. This film is almost like watching a dream, except real.  Within the span of seven years, an ordinary couple creates  a sustainable farm without very little background, just by applying one sustainable principle after another. 


Solar Energy: Making it Last

By Jude Jussim

The capacity for solar power generation in the US has grown tremendously, from 314 megawatts (MW) in 1990 to 47.8 million MW in 2020–over 3% of US electricity. Contributing to this growth has been a dramatic decline in the cost of solar panels, with further reductions likely. 


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