August 30, 2008

Caroline Amell

Caroline Amell became interested in concepts of sustainable development as an undergraduate at University of Southern Maine. While taking courses in her combined Geography/Anthropology major, she worked at a local bakery that was involved in sustainable practices, leading her to further realize how every person and every company can make a difference. Currently, Caroline is completing her undergraduate degree at Columbia University and is enrolled in classes involving alternative energy sources and social change. Having a deep-rooted love for the environment and learning how to decrease our hazardous impacts on it, Caroline is excited to join the team of GreenHomeNYC and to help make this happen, one project at a time.

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith found environmental/sustainable architecture while travelling the Southwest United States and Europe. Upon finishing her Bachelor of Design in Architecture at the University of Florida she moved to New York, and joined the team at GreenHomeNYC in February 2003. Currently Nicole is a partner of Designs by Smith, a custom stained glass and mosaics company.