Staff Volunteer FAQs

June 9, 2010

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Q: What is expected from volunteers?
A: GreenHomeNYC is a volunteer run organization and as such volunteers are responsible for a wide range of jobs. Successful volunteers are those that want to take on a level of responsibility and help drive our mission forward. Volunteers are considered staff and become a part of the organization to help create, program, and execute all of our projects. The expectation is that the volunteer will complete the tasks and responsibilities that they sign up for and bring their energy and enthusiasm to the organization.

Q: What kind of experience does a volunteer get from working with GreenHomeNYC?
A: Volunteers will become intimately involved with the green building community in New York City through research and programming events. We provide all our volunteers with the opportunity to take a level of control and responsibility of our programming to advance our collective mission. We are an educational organization, and believe strongly in self education for our volunteers, so that volunteers can become exposed to a wealth of knowledge and resources related to green building technology, policy, design and public outreach.

Q: Which programs and skill sets do I need to have to be eligible?
A: There are no prerequisites to be a volunteer with GreenHomeNYC. We only ask that you have the passion for environmental and green building issues, the desire to learn more, and the commitment necessary to accomplish our organization goals.

Q: Typically, how many hours a month does a volunteer work?
A: A volunteer is expected to commit at least 5 hours a month to the organization. This includes a monthly one-hour meeting on a Tuesday night and attending our public forum on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Most volunteers, who get involved with the organization, spend between 5-10 hours a month volunteering for GreenHomeNYC.

Q: Is there a minimum amount of months that I have to work as a volunteer?
A: There is no minimum requirement, but it is recommended that volunteers spend at least 6 months with GreenHomeNYC in order to have meaningful involvement with our programming and gain the most out of the volunteer experience.

Q: Is some sort of stipend given?
A: No stipend is provided. GreenHomeNYC is a volunteer run organization and we rely strictly on volunteerism to run our program.