What to Expect as a GHNYC Staff Volunteer

March 9, 2013

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Staff Volunteers organize all of the activities of GreenHomeNYC, with help from the members of the Board of Directors and the Partners in Practice Advisory Board. Some of the programs have fixed schedules and some do not, and each program group meets about once a month to keep things rolling.

Here is a list of the volunteer activity groups and what to expect if you choose to volunteer.

Green Building Tours: This entails finding and scheduling buildings, outreach and follow-up. Volunteers will be able to attend and servicing at the tours.

Monthly Forum: Planning and arranging the presentation with the speakers, guests, and event spaces.

Green Careers: A group for green career transitioners to share information, hold events, and support each other in their quest to green their career paths.

Web-based Information & Resources This is not a web design or development position so no web experience is necessary. The tasks revolve around researching and writing content for our website and blog. This offers more self motivated educational opportunities.