May 24, 2011

Shai Lauros

Shai J Lauros joined GreenHomeNYC as Executive Director in Spring 2011. Shai has most recently been working on regional catastrophic planning for New York-New Jersey-Connecticut-Pennsylvania in an innovative initiative to plan for the mitigation and response to mega-disasters, with focuses including housing and community (re)development. Previously, Shai worked as an affordable housing developer for Progress of People’s Development Corporation, where she concentrated on the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of both new developments and existing buildings. Shai also taught architecture and planning to undergraduates, offering courses with an emphasis on socially just and environmentally sustainable practices. Shai has worked as an architect, urban planner and urban designer at various award-wining NYC-based firms, and sits on the Board of Directors of Neighbors Helping Neighbors. Shai’s educational background includes a Master of Science in Regional and Urban Planning from the London School of Economics, a Master of Architecture from Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies and Economics from Barnard College-Columbia University.

April 10, 2011

Eva Jaeger

Eva Jaeger is the newest addition to The New New York green block party  planning committee. Eva is a Junior in New York University’s Visual Art Department. She is studying sculpture and green design.

February 25, 2011

Vera Chen

Vera Chen is a LEED GA and a staff volunteer in the Public Programs Team  of GreenHomeNYC. She is currently organizing the Spring 2011 Green Building Open House tour in Queens. She obtained her M.S. in Mathematics in Finance at NYU, and worked in Fixed-income Research at Salomon Smith Barney. She also briefly worked in commercial real estate brokering. Before she moved to NYC, she worked as an actuarial consultant for William M. Mercer (now Mercer) in Taipei. Building a livable and enjoyable planet for future generations became one of her most urgent and personally important tasks after the birth of her now 2-year-old son. Vera is particularly interested in green building technology and the capital markets for the green building industry.

January 5, 2011

Marin Schloss

Marin recently received her Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning and Environmental Science from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. Having always had a keen eye for design, mainly materials and their usage, she has decided to focus her energy on opening her own consulting firm in which she will spec green materials and products for the A and D community. In the mean time, Marin is enjoying various internships and experiences including The New York Industrial Retention Network, Westchester Green Business Challenge, and will begin work at a green retail/show room in Scarsdale, New York called Green Design Expo.

June 27, 2010

Max Brenner

Max is an undergraduate architecture student at the University of Virginia. He is interested in sustainable home design and energy politics, and looks forward to the learning opportunities GreenHomeNYC will provide.

Brian Rahm

Brian is an environmental engineer who has engaged in research on groundwater contaminant remediation, water and wastewater treatment, and greenhouse gas emissions from municipal facilities. He currently teaches in the after-school program at the American Museum of Natural History (and no, he still hasn’t seen Night at the Museum). He recently earned his LEED Green Associate credential, but has no idea what to do with it.

June 14, 2010

Christina Ficicchia

Christina became interested in sustainable development while obtaining her undergraduate degree in Biology at Boston University, where her plans to study medicine began to shift to environmental quality issues. She went on to obtain a Masters Degree from Pratt Institute in City and Regional Planning focusing on sustainable development and environmental best practices. She has worked on projects related to brownfield planning, alternative energy and alternative transportation as well as promoting economic development through the funding and implementation of green building measures and other environmental initiatives. She is currently acting as the Executive Director of New York City Lower Hudson Valley Clean Communities, Inc. (NYCLHVCC, Inc.), where she is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through promoting the reduction of petroleum usage in vehicles.

July 3, 2009

Alanna Martin

Alanna Martin is a principal of Green Properties New York, a commercial real estate brokerage dedicated to helping clients create and lease sustainable spaces.  She is a graduate of Columbia University and Brooklyn Law School.  Alanna is a LEED AP.

July 2, 2009

Nick Goldsmith

Nick Goldsmith grew up in Ithaca, NY before graduating in mathematics from Brown University. He continued on to graduate school in Montreal – at Ecole Nationale de Cirque – where he received a degree in circus arts. For the last eight years Nick has been the sole proprietor of an entertainment business, performing worldwide as Nicholas Flair, award-winning juggler. In 2008, Nick rediscovered his interest in energy issues and decided to enroll for a Masters degree in Energy Management at New York Institute of Technology. He will start in Fall 2009.

June 24, 2009

Jill Lanier

Jill Lanier has always had an interest in the environment, sustainability as well as the effective, efficient use of resources and materials.  Recent domestic and global developments in both economic and environmental arenas have only further fueled this interest.  Jill holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Northeastern University (Boston, MA) as well as graduate degrees in Library Science (Pratt Institute) and Management & Systems (NYU).  This spring she completed a Permaculture Design Certification course which increased her awareness and understanding of holistic and regenerative approaches to site design.  Jill would like to see such practices become commonplace in NYC and beyond, and feels GreenHomeNYC is well positioned to help achieve this goal.