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Daylight Hour

June 20, 2014 12:00 - 1:00 PM The Daylight Hour. A single hour when we ask you to TURN IT OFF.   Most offices have their lights on even when they are not needed. Spaces near exterior walls often receive enough daylight to work by, without the aid of electric lighting, but most often we leave the lights on anyway. This is a critical issue because the times when daylight is most available (summer afternoons) coincides with peak demand- the time at which we are demanding the most energy from the grid. This peak energy is the most expensive energy, and typically the dirtiest and most harmful to our global climate because the oldest, least efficient plants are brought online to meet this need. Our recent study, Let There Be Daylight, found that owners and tenants could save $70 million every year by introducing daylight responsive lighting systems. At the same time, balanced day-lit spaces are often the most pleasant to spend time in, and studies suggest these spaces promote our health and well-being, improve productivity and reduce absenteeism. A variety of lighting control systems are available that respond to the presence of daylight by reducing electric light levels- but these systems are not standard.   To demonstrate the availability of daylight and draw attention to this important issue Green Light New York is organizing the “Daylight Hour”- a single hour in the workday when we turn off the lights in day-lit spaces. Green Light will be tracking participants, promoting their involvement and efforts, and estimating the energy savings of the Daylight Hour to publicize the impact. This activity will act as a springboard to deliver programs and other resources on the strategies and technologies that enable the daylighting of office spaces.   Participants will be asked to post photos on Twitter or Facebook from their day-lit spaces at the beginning and the end of the Daylight Hour to demonstrate their participation. Use #DaylightHour.   Register your office at the link above!

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