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NESEA 2013 Annual Meeting

September 21, 2013 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm Every year, the NESEA membership (and greater community) gathers to hear a “state of the union” update from our executive director and board chair. It’s an opportunity to hear what we’ve been working on throughout the year and where things stand. But in addition to the formalities, we offer a keynote speaker/topic/discussion. More recently we’ve been fortunate to incorporate local building tours and exhibitors. It’s not as intense as BuildingEnergy, but it’s just as fun!   Join us for an evening discussion led by Alex Wilson of BuildingGreen. Alex will describe his personal journey from environmental activism as a teenager in the late-1960s to running NESEA in his 20s to launching Environmental Building News and BuildingGreen, Inc. in his 30s, and now–as his hair whitens and he should be old enough to know better—his focus on resilience and his formation in 2012 of the Resilient Design Institute.

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