Green Roofs – April 16, 2003

April 16, 2003

The Hefele showroom hosted 28 people for our April forum. We heard a great presentation from Colin Cheney, Director of the green roof initiative at Earth Pledge. Thank you to all of you who came and to Hafele for hosting us. Colin’s notes: Earth Pledge Green Roofs InitiativeThe Earth Pledge Green Roofs Initiative aims to lower New York City’s ambient air temperature and prevent pollution in its waterways by creating citywide green roof infrastructure. Objectives: Investigate and quantify the costs and benefits of green roofs for New York City Demonstrate the benefits, encourage the adoption, and provide tools to aid the implementation of green roofs by key stakeholders in the private and public sectors Work with representatives of local government to create incentives to support green roof development in New York City Use green roofs to lower New York City’s ambient air temperature and prevent pollution in city waterways Target audience: The Green Roofs Initiative targets those responsible for the planning, development, design, construction, and maintenance of buildings in urban areas. We reach public officials, policy makers, building owners, design and building professionals, developers, companies, and community groups. Activities: The Viridian Project – implementation The Viridian Project brings the environmental, health, and social benefits of green roofs to low- and moderate-income New Yorkers. Through Viridian, Earth Pledge is providing technical and financial support to nonprofit organizations that serve these groups, in order to help them develop green roofs and related programming at their facilities. New York Ecological Infrastructure Study – research Earth Pledge is conducting the New York Ecological Infrastructure (NYEI) Study with a team of researchers led by the NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies. The study will quantify the costs and benefits of green roof infrastructure in the New York metropolitan region; its results will be used to develop policy recommendations. Green Roof Symposia, Forums, and Workshops – education Earth Pledge hosts green roof events that engage and educate a range of stakeholder groups. Our technical workshops for design and building professionals, and our Green Roof Symposia convene a diverse group of designers, builders, developers, educators, and community and environmental groups. Our next Green Roof Symposium will target the corporate and real estate community. Green Roof Policy Task Force – education Earth Pledge formed the Green Roofs Policy Task Force—composed of representatives from New York City, State, and federal agencies—to explore public policy options for support of green roof development in New York City. Green Roof Toolbox for New York City – education The Green Roof Toolbox will be an online resource for design and building professionals, policymakers, and the public, providing detailed information on how to pursue green roof projects in New York City. Launch date: December 2003. Contact: Colin Cheney Green Roof Initiative Director [email protected]

We would like to thank Hafele Showroom for hosting us!