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July 5, 2009

GreenHomeNYC is a community — we’re all New Yorkers working toward making our buildings and our lives greener. We hope you’ll join us!

Here are some ways you can get involved right away:

    1. Sign up for the GreenHomeNYC newsletter
    2. Come to the next monthly forum
    3. Learn about NYC’s green buildings
    4. Become a NESEA member
    5. Become a GreenHomeNYC Staff Volunteer or intern


Sign up for the GreenHomeNYC newsletter

We’ll send you an email about once a month to tell you about up-coming events. Of course, we never share your email address with anyone.

Come to the next Monthly Forum

GreenHomeNYC’s Monthly Forums are held every third Wednesday of the month. Knowledgeable speakers come and make presentations focused on green building topics, providing opportunities to converse and ask questions.


Learn about NYC’s green buildings

Visit our green building database for information on LEED certified buildings and more.. To get the inside scoop from the owners, designers, and engineers themselves, come to one of our building tours.


Thinking about a green career? Become a NESEA member

The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) is a leading membership organization of green professionals. This is a great way to network. If you join, part of your membership dues will help support GreenHomeNYC!


NESEA is an association of practitioners and activists committed to advancing sustainable energy practices. Its focus is on practical solutions, proven results and in being pioneers in the energy efficiency and renewable energy field. Members are a diverse group, including engineers, architects, builders, energy consultants, building owners and operators, manufacturers and installers, educators, activists, and transportation planners.


NESEA’s overarching goal is to support professionals to bring clean energy, healthy, efficient buildings, and zero-carbon structures into everyday use in order to strengthen the economy and improve the environment. Programs and activities focus on the Northeastern United States (from Washington, DC to Maine).


Become a GreenHomeNYC Staff Volunteer

GreenHomeNYC’s programs are all organized and managed by our incredibly dedicated staff volunteers. Volunteering for any organization involves commitment, and our volunteers are extra special because we have no full-time paid staff, so it’s 100% a labor of love.


Please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering. We recommend that you read this volunteer expectation page first and check our FAQ page if you still have any questions.


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