Diana Nezamutinova

January 3, 2009

Diana Nezamutinova was raised in the oil and gas region of Western Siberia (Russia), where the the environmental impact of the oil industry was felt by many.  She studied Economics in Tyumen State University focusing in Environmental Management.  She enhanced her environmental education in a Master program at the Central European University in Budapest (Hungary), where she actively participated in the European Parliament Research Project on energy policies of Central European countries.  Later she enrolled in the graduate environmental program at Bard College in upstate NY, where she specialized in the energy audit of Bard campus and the international carbon market.  During her studies, she interned at Winslow Management, a socially responsible investment firm, and at Clearwater, an educational NGO.  After her graduation, she went to work at Power Concepts, an engineering firm in Manhattan. She conducts energy audits, does energy modeling and writes energy reduction plans for multifamily buildings and small industries.  She bikes, does yoga and cooks Russian and Central Asian food.