{Green Careers} July – Vocational Green Careers

June 28, 2020

Join us for our July 2020 Green Careers webinar for a panel discussion + Q&A with tradespeople working in green careers Most of New York City was built before “sustainability” was even a word, and yet we’ve got plans to transform it into the most environmentally friendly city in America. Retrofitting buildings, greening the grid, installing solar, and more will require a lot of people in boots making it a reality. Join us to talk about the trades, crafts, and the education needed to be part of what promises to be a huge workforce of green collar jobs.   Come learn from experts on sustainability careers in trades!   Phil Emory, Building Enclosure Testing Lead Engineer – Will be speaking about his career in building enclosure tesing.   Dan Rieber, Director of Weatherization at Northern Manhattan Improvement Corperation – Will be speaking about his career in energy auditing, construction management, and weatherization. &nbsp Caroline McAndrew – Will be speaking about her many green collar careers, from horticulture to ziplining and marine science.   Craig Gallagher, founder of Lightning Mechanical – Will be speaking about his career in the HVAC trades.   Event Details: Date: Tuesday, July 7th Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm Location: Online   NOTE: A link to join this online event will be distributed to registered participants ahead of the start time.   If you have any questions, please contact the GreenHomeNYC Green Careers group at [email protected].   Book your ticket here!