Don’t Miss Green Careers for Non-STEM—May 26 at 6:30pm

May 25, 2020

Speaker Preview: Judith Albert   Along with three other experts, Judith Albert will join GreenHomeNYC online on Tuesday, May 26 to explore the green career paths for non-STEM professionals. Judy’s own green career path certainly didn’t begin with a STEM education.  She holds a degree in Latin American Studies and has practiced law. She worked in banking before moving onto the Natural Resources Defense Council, where she served as Executive Director of a group called Environmental Entrepreneurs. She now teaches Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility at the New School, and is a board member at Inside Climate News and at Cornerstone Capital Group, an impact investing advisory firm. Judy has seen people come to green jobs “with all kinds of backgrounds.” Often, their positions  don’t even include the word  “sustainability,” she said. Non-STEM jobs can range from logistics to marketing, and a liberal arts education can be great foundation for a career in sustainability.   On May 26, Judy will talk about the twists and turns of her career journey and what drove her through these shifts along the way.  She’ll also share what she expects to see for green careers in a post-COVID-19 world.   Full event description and ticket info Interview by Jonathan Oriondo