Educate yourself!

October 24, 2011

During a recent Green Careers meeting, a new member of our group asked a very important question: how does one stay abreast of green building news and policy developments? In a fast-growing industry, it’s good to know what’s going on and who the experts are. So we in the Green Careers group decided to put together a list of a few web resources that you might find helpful as you consider a transition into a career in green building. Remember, this is just a place to start and the list is not at all exhaustive. If you have any other suggestions for websites you read regularly, please post them in the comments below. Building Science: (as well as their excellent subscription service, Environmental Building News) (technical standards and good tech newsletter) (check out their multiple blogs, such as the Green Building Curmudgeon and Musings of an Energy Nerd) (blog) Events around NYC: Calendar for the Center for Architecture (AIANY)