Election Days are Upon Us!

October 19, 2020

Election Day is November 3, but you can act sooner!    
Susan Ruggles

Susan Ruggles

Registered Voters in New York State, don’t miss these deadlines! Apply for Your Ballot by October 27! The quickest and simplest way to request your ballot is by going to the Absentee Ballot Application Portal. You can find other options for ordering for your ballot here.   VOTE! Once you receive your ballot, you can cast your vote in one of the following ways:   Mail it! The State requires that your ballot be postmarked no later than November 3. However, the Post Office recommends sending it at least seven days before Election Day.   Drop it!
  • At your early voting poll site:  October 24th to November 1
  • At your County Board of Elections Office:  Now to November 3
  • At your Election Day polling place:  November 3, 6am-9pm
For details on absentee voting, early voting, and county office and poll locations and hours, click here.   New York City voters can get additional help here.   People living in other states in the US can find voting details for their states at  https://www.usa.gov/election-office and //www.vote.org/.   Read our recent post for more details on when, where and how to vote easily and safely and help others join you in getting the vote out.