{Green Careers} May 2014 Recap – Speed Up-Dating Your Resume

June 24, 2014

On Tuesday, May 13th, 2014, the GreenHomeNYC Green Careers group organized a resume workshop dubbed: Speed Up-Dating Your Resume. This event, hosted by Enterprise Community Partners, brought 7 resume reviewers together to spend time with different attendees and critique their resumes.  

2014-05-13 18.41.17

Photo by Matt Gerson

  The resume workshop received its name from the well-known dating technique, speed dating, where individuals meet for a brief time before moving on to the next person, and the workshop’s goal to have everyone leave with advice on how to update his/her resume for the better.


Photo by Matt Gerson

  For GHNYC’s resume event, attendees sat down with a resume reviewer for a limited amount of time, during which, the reviewer and attendee worked together of evaluate ways to revise and improve the attendee’s resume. Every 15 minutes, the attendees rotated from one reviewer to the next, each time getting a fresh evaluation on their resume.   Some of the tables had two attendees per reviewer which allowed for a group discussion. Alternatively, other tables had only one attendee per reviewer giving the attendee and his/her resume a more personal one-on-one analysis.  


Photo by Katie Schwamb

  During each 15 minute session, the reviewer would go over various aspects of the resume including, but not limited to, grammatical errors, spatial orientation and layout strategies, and wording or phrasing consistency. From the discussion, reviewers might also have the opportunity to advise on additional skill sets, personal objectives, or relevant professional experience that the attendee may want to include to bolster his/her resume.  


Photo by Katie Schwamb

  By the end of the meeting, each attendee had his/her resume reviewed several times in both one on one and group situations, receiving valuable feedback. After the event, time was allotted for additional networking and socializing amongst those who attended. While this was a more informal part of the event, participants still found time to further discuss amongst themselves the guidance and techniques they received on ways to improve their current resumes.   By Matt Gerson Edited by Katie Schwamb  


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