GreenHomeNYC’s HouseCalls Program

April 19, 2010

GreenHomeNYC’s HouseCalls Program is a two part, Benchmarking and Introductory presentation targeted at coop and condo boards to familiarize them with green building concepts.

To start the HouseCalls Program we recommend participants to first Benchmark their building. Benchmarking is a great way of seeing how your building ranks in performance compared to other buildings. Please download our Benchmark Brochure for instructions.

Once the Benchmarking calculations and available dates are entered into our Pre-presentation Survey, GreenHomeNYC volunteers will make a presentation to the board members. The 15-20 minute on-site presentation provides instructive case studies, more information about benchmarking, descriptions on green building philosophy, and connections between local NYC resources. It also includes an overview of some of the major environmental and economic issues in existing multifamily buildings and presents potential process steps to make improvements to a building. After the presentation, GreenHomeNYC will follow-up to make sure arising concerns are addressed and new benchmark scores are achieved.

GreenHomeNYC does not provide energy audits or other energy services, nor do we promote specific products or companies. The goal of the program is to act as a neutral guide in educating buildings in the process of making efficiency and green upgrades so that they may be encouraged to take on such improvements themselves. Here is some additional information and New York-based resources to get your building started towards a greener future.. 12 Immediate Steps Greener Greater Buildings Incentives Other Resources Green Building Terminology Defined We look forward to giving your building our HouseCalls presentation!