re-think: sustainable furniture design competition

July 13, 2011

GreenHomeNYC is searching for environmentally conscious design students to create sustainable furniture for the garden lounge space at this fall’s The NEW New York Green Block Party. Ten selected finalists will have access to free, reclaimed materials donated by Film Biz Recycling and Build It Green, a jury of recognized architects and designers to offer creative support, and press coverage through our blog which will follow the work of the finalists. To submit, send an 11×17 pdf with concept sketches of a design that you believe expresses yoru aesthetic and construction abilities to [email protected] with “Lounge Design Challenge” as the subject. The design can be of a wide range of furniture/environmental objects such as benches, tables, textiles, planters, screens, shade coverings and more. Indicate the materials that you envision using. Selected winners will have the opportunity to revise the design and materials after selection, workign with GreenHomeNYC’s team and the panel of judges to realize variations of the original idea. Submissions due: 8/22/11 Winners announced: 8/29/11 Exhibition: 10/01/11 For more info: