The Cooperator (2003/12): Going Green to Save Green

December 1, 2003

Going Green to Save Green A New Wave of Residential Development By Debra A. Estock Solar powered panels dotting rooftops. Recycled waste water replenishing toilets. Geothermal heat pumps for heating and cooling. Filtered fresh air into apartments. What’s next? Sheep grazing in the Sheep Meadow? Not necessarily, but thanks to some government tax incentives and a newfound environmental consciousness, several New York City area buildings from Harlem to Brooklyn are being built in an earth-friendly manner, and in some cases at less per square foot than traditional development. GreenHomeNYC, a volunteer non-profit organization that seeks to promote environmental awareness in the building community and supports environmentally-responsible building, recently conducted a daylong tour of residential buildings and public facilities currently under construction in New York City that would rival any contemporary home out in the wilds of Vermont. Keep reading “Going Green to Save Green: A New Wave of Residential Development” at The Cooperator