Volunteer Spotlight: Samantha Yost

February 1, 2018

Meet some of the GreenHomeNYC volunteers who dedicate their time to make our educational programs a success.  This month, the spotlight is on Samantha Yost.   Why did you decide to volunteer for GHNYC? I started coming to events almost immediately after I moved to New York. I had just finished my masters degree, but with no relevant work experience other than a short internship, and no professional connections in the city, I didn’t really know where to start. After I had been to a few events, I decided volunteering would be a good way to get to know the people and organizations that are out there.   How long have you been involved with GHNYC? I’ve been involved for a little over three years now.   What GreenHomeNYC activities are you engaged in? I’m the lead volunteer for Green Careers, so I coordinate a team of about 6 volunteers who organize our monthly events.   What do you like most about the organization? It’s nice to volunteer with the same people and build real, working relationships. It reminds you that “the sustainability field” is more than just an abstract network, but a collection of people that want to see good things happen in the world. What do you currently do? I’m a Communications Associate at the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and I work mostly on graphic design, and producing marketing and communication materials. I also have a freelance graphic design business called Terra Cognita Design Studio.   What did you study in school? My bachelor’s degree is in Music Theory and Performance. Several years later, when I realized that I probably couldn’t do that for a living, I went back to school for Environmental Studies. Because I’m not currently working strictly for a sustainability organization, I appreciate being able to keep up with my environmental knowledge at GreenHomeNYC.   Where are you from? A small town in northern Virginia called Winchester.   What three things are you most passionate about? That’s a hard question! I feel that passion isn’t something that happens to you about certain subjects, but is a general mindset of how you approach things. I try to approach everything I do with passion and do a good job at it—even if I’m doing something “boring” like making a spreadsheet at work, I want to make sure it’s a really good, well-organized spreadsheet.