Energy efficiency in large buildings

August 30, 2008

I am the editor of a newsletter for a Mitchell Lama Coop in the East Village. Since our energy costs skyrocketed last year, we are all interested in exploring what the complex can do to go green and maybe save some money. I will be writing an article and would like to give an example of a building that successfully made some changes towards going green. Could you suggest a building or architect I could contact? There are a number of organizations who specialize in helping large buildings improve their energy efficiency. The Association for Energy Affordablity, Steven Winter Associates, and the Community Environmental Center are among them. GreenHome people work for the first two so I can recommend them with confidence. These organizations will help you through an energy audit, which can identify cost-effective options for cutting energy consumption, sometimes while improving indoor comfort. These organizations will also probably be able to speak with you for a minute about some of the other buildings they have worked on. Hope this helps and good luck with any work your building decides to take on.