Getting started with a green renovation

August 30, 2008

Hello, I want to take my residential home green. I need info on local suppliers or contractors that can help me do that. I live on Staten Island, 10310. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Chris Chris, It’s great that you’re taking this step. I don’t know where you’re starting from, but you can visit our website for suggestions of simple changes to help green your home . I also don’t know if you have any ideas on what types of green projects you’d like to accomplish. This would depend on your preferences and on how much you care about different environmental issues. For more involved projects, here are a few places to get you started. CONTRACTORS Giancola Contracting – builds Energy star homes. I don’t know if they do renovations, but it’s worth giving them a call. Threadcollective They do environmentally friendly design work, but aren’t the people to call if you just want to install new equipment or windows or such. NYSERDA – you should definitely visit their website to see about financial incentives for the kind of work it sounds like you want to do. (Residential incentives are here. NESEA Sustainable Yellow pages – The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association has a directory of environmentally friendly suppliers and contractors. GreenHomeGuide directory – Also has a searchable directory of green architects, contractors, and designers.