NYC metro area resources and contacts, Part III

August 30, 2008

Hello, My husband and I want to buy and renovate a home in NJ and we want to incorporate as many green/sustainable elements as possible. Are there any architects that you can recommend in the New York/New Jersey area that specialize in green building? Thanks for your advice, Amy Amy, The Northeast Sustainable Energy Association maintains a Northeast Sustainable Energy Association’s Sustainable Yellow pages, which has a number of architects and building professionals with green experience in New Jersey. There is Greenhomeguide, which maintains a directory of GCs, designers, and architects who specialize in green design, mostly in New York and California. You can also go to the US Green Building Council’s New York and New Jersey Chapters websites (off of and cross-check the membership against professionals you may know or give them a call and ask them for references. Chances are they at least care about green design and will be willing to work with you if they aren’t especially knowledgeable. Steven Lenard GreenHomeNYC