Sustainable business resources

December 15, 2008

I work at a large, well-known internet company and would like to approach the powers that be with a proposal to implement sustainable business practices that will save them money. Where can I go to find information to back up and support such a proposal? Also, do you know of a place in New York City where I can obtain training on conducting energy audits? -Michelle Hello Michelle, We focus mostly on residential green building, but that’s no excuse! Helpful resources regarding sustainable business practices include the Green Grid web site and EnergyStar resources.The former is an industry consortium on greening data center operations, and the latter is an EPA-sponsored effort addressing data center energy efficiency. As for training for conducting energy audits, you can check out AEA’s training programs. There are also other training programs that let you earn a Building Performance Institute certification, but they happen occasionally and not necessarily on a predictable schedule. You can check the web site of Steven Winter Associates to see if they plan to offer classes soon.