January 13, 2010

Energy-Saving Tips for Renters Deal of the Day by Sarah Morgan Make sure your home is properly insulated. Replace your windows to cut down on drafts. Install a new energy-efficient heating system. As consumers grow more energy-conscious, and environmental advocates push for greater awareness, there is no shortage of suggestions for new ways to cut energy bills and help the planet in the process. The cost-savers can be great for homeowners — but what about renters? It turns out that many leases prevent tenants from making changes that could lead to substantial energy savings. For example, blocking drafts with caulking or foam sealant could be considered an illegal alteration or improvement in most leases. So might installing a programmable thermostat. “The things you can do as a renter are fairly limited,” says Bomee Jung, a member of the board of directors of Green Home NYC, a volunteer-run organization that helps New York residents make their buildings more sustainable. Read on at Energy-Saving Tips for Renters