NYC Green Buildings Open House

September 24, 2008

The Green Buildings Open House is GreenhomeNYC’s semi-annual guided tour of green buildings all over New York City, taking place in the Spring and Fall of every year. The event gives New Yorkers a chance to get inside Green buildings and hear about their inner workings from the owners, architects, and engineers who designed, built and operate them. Visitors will come away with new expectations of comfort, livability, energy and environmental benefits. Since 2003, GreenHomeNYC has organized the NYC Green Buildings Open House as a part of Northeast Sustainable Energy Associaion’s (NESEA) Green Buildings Open House and the American Solar Energy Society’s (ASES) National Solar Tour. Spring 2011 Open House Fall 2010 Open House Spring 2010 Open House Fall 2009 Open House Spring 2009 Open House 2008 Open House 2007 Open House 2006 Open House 2005 Open House 2004 Open House 2003 Open House View profiles of NYC green buildings Read more about past GreenHomeNYC open houses.