Green Marketing 101 – March 19, 2003

March 4, 2003

We held our March forum at The Viewing Gallery with 23 people joining us. Thank you to all of you who came, The Viewing Gallery for hosting us and to Bess Williamson for a great presentation! Sorry – we don’t have video available for this session. Green Marketing 101: What Green Homes Can Learn from Green Products For more than two decades, manufacturers have been developing products with environmental benefits (real and imagined) for green and mainstream consumers in the US and beyond. What are the issues and messages consumers respond to best? How have green buildings been marketed, and how can we learn from the lessons of green product marketing to promote green building and other green home interests? With a review of the basics of green marketing, relevant poll data on green consuming, and case examples of marketing messages from the green building world, green marketing consultant Bess Williamson will suggest some lessons for the green world. Come armed with your favorite (or least favorite) green marketing messages for a lively discussion. Bess’ Notes the home of J. Ottman Consulting, and an extensive resource for green marketing events, writing and links. For more creative thinking about green marketing, catch Bess and Jacquie at Environdesign, and keep an eye out for upcoming talks and workshops! For further reading, there are a few parts of the site I’d recommend: The complete text of “Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation”(McGraw-Hill, 1998) is online. Some suggested chapters: Consumers with a Conscience: An overview of consumer attitudes toward environmental consuming, including relevant statistics. Please feel free to contact Bess if you are interested in the updated stats. How to Communicate Green with Impact Strategies for promoting products with environmental benefits for a wide range of audiences. Feel free to contact me for further discussion at [email protected]– put “for Bess” in the subject line.