Monthly Forum – Green Catwalk 2021: The Circular Economy in Quick Soundbites

January 7, 2021

It’s been a GreenHomeNYC tradition to kick off our year of programming with our Green Catwalk, a dynamic event in which our speakers showcase exciting developments in our sustainable world through a series of rapid-fire presentations.

  This year’s presenters will share programs and projects that are redefining waste as a resource, moving us towards a more efficient, circular economy. Join us as we explore the many ways to “re” to decrease the size of both our carbon and our landfill footprints.  The circular economy spurs economic development worldwide by redesigning, reducing, reusing, repurposing, recovering, refurbishing, regenerating, and recycling biological and technical materials to meet the growing resource needs of our consumptive society.

  The world’s rate of consumption is at “1.75 times the earth’s carrying capacity, meaning we are using 75% more natural resources than we are regenerating each year,” says The Circular Economy Handbook. Find out what’s being done to help reverse that trend in fashion, food, water and waste, and learn what you can do to become part of the circularity movement.  

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SPEAKERS (Please view detailed bios on the Eventbrite listing):

Yemi Amu on Aquaponics Food Systems, Oko Urban Farms, Founder & Director Lindsey Boylan on Making Wastewater Treatment Plants More Sustainable, Lindsey for Manhattan Borough President, Secretary Lindsey Boylan Renee Crowley on Composting and Electronics recycling, The Lower East Side Ecology Center, Deputy Director Kara Napolitano on the Inefficiencies of Recycling, Sims Municipal Recycling, Outreach and Education Coordinator Andy Padian on Recycling at Home, EME Group, Director of Multifamily Sustainability Jessica Shreiber on Textile Reuse and Recycling, FABSCRAP, Founder & CEO Lauren Sweeney on a Reusable Container Takeout Service, DeliverZero, Co-founder & CMO   Date: January 27, 2021 Time: 6:30p – 8:00p EST Where: Online Zoom   In addition to the forum, our monthly volunteer orientation will take place right before the event, starting at 6pm. If you’re interested in joining GreenHomeNYC as a volunteer, please review opportunities on our website, and register for a monthly orientation on Eventbrite.