Monthly Forum: Virtual Edition – Quantifying Climate Change

May 9, 2020

Quantifying the effects of climate change can be a daunting task to even the brightest scientific minds! To help demystify this complex topic, GreenHomeNYC is bringing leading climate change experts together to discuss their most recent efforts around quantifying our changing environment, and what it means for New York City.     Date: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 Time: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM Place: Online   Speakers at this event will include:   Susan Golden /// Environmental educator and member of the Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps Luis Ortiz /// Postdoctoral research fellow with the Urban Systems Lab at The New School Peter Marsters /// Research Associate at the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy   REGISTER HERE!     NOTE: Our monthly volunteer orientation will take place right before the event, starting at 6 PM. If you’re interested in joining GreenHomeNYC as a volunteer, please review opportunities on our website, and register for a monthly orientation on Eventbrite.   ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS   Susan Golden is a member of the Climate Reality Project Leadership Corps who speaks throughout the Northeast on climate change and other environmental issues such as sustainability, pollution, and water scarcity. Susan majored in Engineering Sciences at Dartmouth College, earned a Master’s Degree in Teaching at Seattle Pacific University, and has completed the Environmental Stewards Certification Program at Rutgers University. She is a past chairperson of her local environmental commission and now serves on the boards of two non-profit environmental conservation organizations in Bergen County, New Jersey. She is a retired STEM educator who has taught high school courses including Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus. While teaching Environmental Science, she realized that many people know very little about the natural world we live in or the impact society has on it. Her current passion is to share this knowledge so that we can make sustainable choices for current and future generations. Learn more about Susan at   Luis Ortiz is a postdoctoral research fellow with the Urban Systems Lab at The New School. His work focuses on the nexus of the built environment and the urban boundary layer. At the Urban Systems Lab, he studies the urban climate in New York City with a combination of modeling and observation campaigns, obtaining insights into human infrastructure affects, and is affected, by the atmosphere. More specifically, his interests lie in how these interactions change during heat waves, which are slated to become both more frequent and intense throughout the 21st century. Learn more at   Peter Marsters is a Research Associate focused on supporting the Carbon Tax Research Initiative. His work focuses on the policy levers and economic outcomes of deep decarbonization and carbon pricing. Mr. Marsters has researched and published on issues such as state-level transitions to 100% clean energy, the energy and environmental implications of a federal carbon tax, and the future of the U.S. coal industry. Before joining the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy, he worked at the Rhodium Group, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars. He holds a Master of Arts in Energy and Resources from the University of California-Berkeley and Bachelor of Science in History from Bates College.