Reclaimed Lumber / Intro to LEED

February 4, 2003

Twenty-three people attended the February 19th meeting hosted by Baxt Associates Architects. Thanks to those who braved the slushy streets to get to the meeting and to Susan and Ben Baxt for hosting us! [Presentations] Stubby Warmbold, who was scheduled to speak about rediscovered wood, was unable to make it into the city because of weather-related transportation delays — we hope to reschedule his presentation. Serendipitously, we were joined by Parker Nichols of Green Mountain Wild Woods, a Vermont-based forest salvage wood company. If you have both a fast computer and a high-speed Internet connection, you may download and view the following Quick Time movie clips. Please have patience – the downloads may take a while, but it is an interesting presentation and worth the wait. You need to have Quick Time Player version 5 or newer to view these video clips. You can download it from Apple. Introduction Parker talks about forest salvage and Green Mountain Wild Woods (4MB) Why salvaged wood? Parker talks about why you might want to use wood that has natural flaws and markings and what he’s doing to create demand.(2MB) Q and A Questions from Rustin Wright (1.7MB) Wood Certification (1/2) Parker’s explanation of certified wood.(640KB) Wood Certification (2/2) Certified wood continued. (3.9MB) Wrap-up & Call to Designers A special offer to furniture, industrial, and product designers: use Parker’s veneer (676KB) Josh Radoff gave a half-hour introduction to the LEED rating system. His notes are posted below and the first part of his presentation is available as a Quick Time movie: Intro to LEED (4.4 MB) [Reading Group] Carol Crumb, our reading group organizer, handed out a list of books thus far suggested for the group. List to come! Notes from LEED Presentation All, To go into more detail with LEED, the USGBC website can be found at: The main LEED page is:, and the three bulleted links are the standards for (1) new buildings, (2) existing buildings, and (3) commercial interiors. Also I mentioned the Green Seal site as a reference for env. friendly materials, and if you want to check that out, it’s at: One thing I forgot to mention last night, was that there is a New York State Chapter of LEED, at least according to: The listing is: Alan Traugott Flack & Kurtz Consulting Engineers (212) 951-3966 traugott AT Bomee’s 2 cents: We have a contact with the USGBC-NY’s outreach committee — you can contact me directly for more info. If anyone knows of other firms or individuals active in LEED certification in NYC, please let us know. If you have any questions, please post them to this list and either I or someone incrementally more qualified will have a crack at answering them. Josh Radoff