Call for participants! 2011 Fall Green Buildings Open House, Sat. 10/1

September 9, 2011

The Green Buildings Open House is a chance for the public to tour green buildings throughout New York City. Open House not only provides a view of the inner workings of several green buildings, but also gives visitors a chance to meet the owners, architects and designers who built and operate them. The 2011 Fall Green Buildings Open House in New York City is organized by GreenHomeNYC and the Northeast Solar Energy Association (NESEA). It is part of the 16th annual National Solar Tour sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society (ASES). More than 160,000 participants will visit some 5,500 buildings in 3,200 communities across the U.S. GreenHomeNYC invites owners, architects, and engineers to showcase their exemplary green buildings as part of this national event. Deadline to register your building is September 20! Read on to submit a participating building and for more information for participating buildings after the jump! STEP 1: Please read all the instructions below! STEP 2: Register your guided building tour with us by September 20 STEP 3: If you don’t already have a profile of this building on the GreenHomeNYC site, please fill out the Building Profile form, also by September 20. STEP 4: A GreenHomeNYC volunteer will confirm your participation via email, and if you’ve requested that we take RSVPs, we’ll send you the RSVP list the day before the event. STEP 5: On the day of the tour, provide a great educational experience! Please check in your guests using the RSVP list – this helps us keep track of participation. Please be sure to distribute the visitor survey to your guests so we can keep improving! Please have someone take photos of your tour as it’s happening so we can include it in our gallery AND Keep in touch with GreenHomeNYC! We hold two tours per year – the next one will be in Spring 2012. Guidelines for a Successful Tour 1. Provide GreenHomeNYC a written description of your property prior to the event that can be added to our online building database, or review and update an existing entry. 2. Conduct a guided onsite tour of your property on the day of the event led by a professional who has direct knowledge of the project. Typically, architects, engineers, property managers or developers are the best folks to guide the tours. 3. We suggest that tours consist of 20-25 visitors maximum. For smaller buildings, 10-15 guests might be the maximum. 4. We suggest that all tours run for 1 hour, and include time for questions at the end. 5. For scheduling, we suggest having a morning tour and an afternoon tour. This will allow attendees to sign up when it is most convenient for them. Suggested tour times are indicated on the tour registration form, and these times are spaced to allow visitors time for travel from site to site. 6. On the day of the tour, please display signage and printed materials provided by GreenHomeNYC, and also please read the short introduction to the tour and GreenHomeNYC that will be provided. This helps us to get the word out about GreenHomeNYC, the all-volunteer organization that has been putting on this event for nine years!