Green Tours – Jones Beach Energy and Nature Center (JBENC)

April 4, 2021

Jones Beach Energy & Nature Center (JBENC)

We are excited to offer a virtual tour of the Net Zero Jones Beach Energy and Nature Center (JBENC). The JBENC, located at Jones Beach State Park in Wantagh, NY is the first interactive education center within the New York State Parks system. This unique environmental education center specifically addresses the role of human energy consumption in shaping the natural landscape.

Our host, Jeanne Haffner, PhD (she/her) Director and Chief Curator of the JBENC will lead us on a Net Zero Tour of this one-of-a-kind educational institution dedicated to exploring relationships between human life, energy use, and environmental conservation. We will explore the features that make the Center building a living example of an adaptive and resilient future, learn how this building is truly net-zero and gain valuable knowledge on what we all can do to reduce energy use in your own home.

A QA session will be held at the end of the virtual tour.