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August 31, 2008

What does my contribution support? By supporting GreenHomeNYC with a tax-deductible donation, you are helping us develop programs that inform and empower ordinary New Yorkers to take steps to reduce energy consumption, save money and work towards a sustainable urban future. Our Monthly Forums, Green Careers Meet-up sessions and periodic Green Building Tours provide opportunities to network with and learn from leading experts in the renewable energy, emerging technology and energy efficiency fields.   How do I donate to GreenHomeNYC? You can donate using a credit card, your PayPal account or by sending us a check:   To donate online using a credit card or PayPal:   To donate by mail:   Make your check payable to “GreenHomeNYC, Inc.”   Send your check to:  


P.O. Box 1052

JAF Building

New York, NY 10116-1052

    Receipts You will receive a receipt for your records by email if you use a credit card, PayPal or if you include your email address with your check (preferred); otherwise, we’ll send you a paper copy by mail.   What’s GreenHomeNYC’s tax status? GreenHomeNYC is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization. A copy of our letter of recognition is available on request.