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September 1, 2004

Renewable Energy

Since 2004, GreenHomeNYC has presented monthly articles on green building construction, renovations, and management in The Cooperator, a Yale Robbins newspaper serving 3,300 New York City cooperatives and condominiums.

Renewable Energy Now Available for Delivery in New York City By Joshua Radoff In New York City, electricity is a lot like Chinese food. It’s ubiquitous, available for delivery right to your home, and is made with lots and lots of oil. But unlike a good Chinese restaurant, Con Edison, the electricity provider for almost all of New York City, has a menu with only one choice. And until recently, if you didn’t like that choice, well that was just too bad. Theirs was the only gig in town. But the days of one-electron-fits-all have come to an end. Now anyone who thinks that their electricity should come from sources that don’t pollute, don’t come from the Middle East, don’t contribute to climate change, and don’t double as weapons of mass destruction, can pick up the phone and order a new utility product called “Green Power.” Read on at The Cooperator