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January 23, 2009

Snippets for Friday: 100K House, Green Codes, Greening MTA

Here’s a smattering of green happenings that we at GreenHomeNYC noticed this week, some of them rather belatedly! Take a look at this interesting piece on the “100k house” – a LEED platinum, 1,000 sq ft. row house that costs about $100,000 to build. Funny – we happen to have the June Monthly Forum dedicated to green projects in Philly…. Hmmm…. Adam noticed this discussion of the growth of green building codes across the country – Makes us look forward to the final report of the USGBC NY Chapter’s Green Codes Task Force! Speaking of big guns and big reports: MTA’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Sustainability, chaired by Green Developer Extraordinaire Jonathan Rose (at the head of a list of who’s-who in green including the City’s Rit Aggarwalla and Janette Sadik-Khan, NRDC’s Ashok Gupta, NYLCV’s Marcia Bystryn, Bob Fox of Cook+Fox, RPA’s Bob Yaro — and the list goes on for 22 commissioners in total) released in January its report on sustainability containing “nearly 100 recommendations in all, with about 20 that are transformational, 40 near-term, and about 30 that require legislative and/or policy action by decision makers at the federal, state, and local levels.” Last but not least: Drop by the Center for Architecture and check out MAKE IT WORK: Engineering Possibilities, which opened last night and will be on view through April 25th. Nestled among feats of engineering you’ll find a familiar project: Mark Helder’s 439 Metropolitan Ave!
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