A Green Lining in a Down Market

April 1, 2009

Since 2004, GreenHomeNYC has presented monthly articles on green building construction, renovations, and management in The Cooperator, a Yale Robbins newspaper serving 3,300 New York City cooperatives and condominiums.

A Green Lining in a Down Market Converting to an Energy-Efficient Building By Erik D. Nevala-Lee The realities of a depressed real estate market have finally settled upon New  York City. We’ve seen a significant drop in sale prices over just the past few months. This  has been coupled with a rapid increase in inventory levels as units stay on the  market longer, further exacerbating this downward spiral in price. While there  are many reasons for the slump in the housing market that can and have filled  many other articles and columns, the real question is what can a building do to  attract new buyers and to keep existing owners in their units in the future.  Green design and energy efficiency improvements provide an opportunity for  buildings to address demand for and price of their units on the market.   Read on at The Cooperator