NYC Moves Forward on City-Wide Online Water Usage Tracking

September 12, 2010

Earlier this summer the City launched its new system for real-time, online water use and bill tracking for homeowners and businesses.  The system permits users to analyze water use, identify conservation opportunities, and detect leaks.  This online tool is part of a larger process to convert the city’s tracking system to Automated Meter Reading – wireless water meters that will eliminate estimated water bills and create more accurate billing. Wireless water meters were introduced in the City in March 2009.  Online access is being phased in on a rolling basis by borough:  The Bronx started on July 12th; Queens on July 26th; Brooklyn on August 9th; Manhattan on August 23rd; and Staten Island on September 7th.   All water customers are expected to have wireless meters and online access to water bills by January 2012 – in August the city hit the 50% mark ahead of schedule. Check out the NYC Department of Environmental Protection’s website for videos on how to get started and to create an account if your building already has a wireless meter installed.  (photo courtesy of
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