Green Careers and Entrepreneurs

October 10, 2009

While blue-collar jobs focused on manufacturing that depended upon fossil fuels, we are embarking upon an era where green-collar jobs are becoming mainstream.  Join GreenHomeNYC’s monthly forum as we discuss green jobs and eco-entrepreneurs – what it takes, and future prospects. Wednesday – October 21, 2009 from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Hafele Showroom at 25 East 26th Street, NYC @ Madison Ave. Please RSVP below. These are exciting times for the green jobs market. Last month the NY Senate passed the Green Jobs/Green NY Bill CA 8901/S.5888 with the intention of creating jobs in the energy industry while making buildings energy efficient. Private industries have hired sustainability professionals that consider the impact business practices have on the environment but also how to minimize expenditures while increasing their revenues. There are also those innovators that have recognized a niche within the world of sustainability. They are risk takers who have taken the initiative to become “Green Entrepreneurs”. What were their motivations, struggles and highlights pursuing these careers? Do they believe that this current economic environment is conducive to a green job workforce and enterprises? What suggestions do they have for those who wish to transition into this field? Join GreenHomeNYC for a moderated panel discussion with “Green Professionals and Entrepreneurs” who will speak to what it takes to become an eco-entrepreneur, the present status of the green job movement and how you can position yourself in this time of change.  (This event is a collaboration between the Forum and Green Careers Transition Committees.) Moderator: Andrew Padian – Vice President for Energy Initiatives at the Community Preservation Corp. Speakers Include: Janna Olson – Executive Director – Win Win Campaign – Young Adult-Led Energy Efficiency for Small Business at Envirolution Marni Majorelle – Founder and Green Roof Specialist at Alive Structures Kurtis Pender – Weatherization Director at the Harlem Community Development Corp.
Janna Olson founded The Sustainer Project in 2006. The independent consulting shop provides sustainability strategy and project management to new and existing companies. She launched a new product in the New York market for for Greenopia, an urban guide to green living, and a green jobs program for the sustainability non-profit Envirolution. For Chase and EcoLogic Solutions, she built “green” product research, branding and business launch strategies. As the founding director of the Win-Win Campaign – young adult-led energy efficiency consulting for small business – Olson brought 10 partnerships, grant funding and operational structure to an innovative green workforce training and economic development program in its pilot year. A San Francisco advertising career and activist campaign management history precede Janna’s participation on NYC committees for Just Food, Solar One, the Manhattan Borough President’s Office and Chamber of Commerce. Marni Majorelle, Founder of Alive Structures was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up working for her mother’s landscape design company, and is now continuing the family tradition of promoting natural horticulture within the urban environment. Marni has a certificate in horticulture and in Biology Conservation. In the years before founding Alive Structures, Marni worked for industry shaping environmental agencies such as Green Living Technologies, The Gaia Institute, Center for the Urban Environment, and Inform while continuing to work as a landscape designer. She founded Alive Structures in 2006, and has since, installed a number of green roofs, green walls, and ecological gardens throughout New York City. The company’s goal is to create natural habitat in unexpected spaces, making New York City a more beautiful, diverse, and healthy place to live. Since 1990, Kurtis Pender the CEO of Pinnacle Energy Group, Inc., has acquired a broad range of experience in residential energy management. Kurtis was among those first individuals who had the foresight to understand that carbon based fuel is a limited resource and steps has to be taken to use it efficiently and also to find alternative energy sources. Kurtis is well respected as one of the veterans in this field and continues to contribute to the creation of sound energy policy, education and research. The Department of Energy (DOE) has recognized his contribution, when in July 2000 DOE gave him the Recognition and Appreciation for 10 Years of Service Award. And, again in 2001 Association for Energy Affordability, Inc. (AEA) recognized his outstanding service in the energy field. During his 19-year career, Kurtis has performed/supervised over 500 (40,000 units) multifamily residential energy audits that have all achieve substantial energy savings. He has successfully designed approximately 300 heating systems in multifamily buildings and supervised their construction. Kurtis has construction management experience having worked with HUD as a 203k compliance inspector. He calls upon this experience when he supervises the construction management of energy retrofits as determined by the Energy Reduction Plan and according to acceptable professional standards. Kurtis has participated in the training of energy auditors, in the use of EA-Quip, an energy-modeling tool for the Ohio, New Jersey and New York State Weatherization Assistance Programs, through the Association for Energy Affordability. Kurtis has also presented for the Affordable Comfort Inc and the Multifamily Building Conferences. Kurtis Pender is a certified Multifamily BPI Energy Auditor and a Certified EA-Quip user. His membership in professional organizations includes Association for Energy Engineers and New York State Energy Smart Multifamily Performance Program for Existing Buildings (MPP) qualified New York State Energy Research Development Authority partner.