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September 9, 2013

The Green Spotlight on BE NYC: Jonathan Flothow

Countdown to BE NYC! With only37days until the conference, GreenHomeNYC is shining the spotlight on the experts who will be making BE NYC an exceptional industry event!   One of the professionals participating in the conference is Jonathan Flothow.    Jonathan Flothow Head Shot(1) Jonathan studied architecture at the University of Texas at Austin, spent several years doing energy audits, and for the past fifteen years has worked exclusively on troubleshooting, retrofitting, and designing steam and hydronic heating systems. He is currently a Building Systems Analyst with Steven Winter Associates.   Jonathan will be appearing at BE NYC on a panel titled “Steam Heat: Tech Tips for Successful Operation,” which is part of the conference’s Multifamily track.   How did you become focused on this particular area of sustainability? When I was doing multifamily audits, tenants and owners alike complained that the bottom floors were so overheated theyhad to keep their windows open, while the top floor apartments were freezing. It seemed like a pretty obvious problem to address. (more…)