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November 12, 2009

GreenHomeNYC Fellows Program – Career Transitions

GreenHomeNYC is working on a Fellows Program targeted at professionals transitioning to green(er) careers in the building industry or related disciplines. We would love your feedback as we shape the program for launch. Let us know if this sounds like a program that would be of benefit to you and what else you would like to see part of it. What A four month green building immersion program that will enable professionals to redirect their careers into the burgeoning field of “green collar” jobs by giving them a strong foundation in core issues in green building, specific knowledge of basic building energy issues and solutions, and access to a broad network of green building professionals in New York City. Fellows will have the opportunity to do peer-supported learning as well as get plugged into relevant professional networks. The program is anticipated to support Fellows who are “keeping their day job” or participating in internships by holding seminars and tours largely in the evenings. A final project, designed by the Fellow and supported by a Mentor, will be required. Why Professionals with a keen interest in green building, whether motivated by environmental concern or entrepreneurial opportunism, do not have any options for a short-term, holistic educational program. They do not want or cannot put their resources into a long-term program such as graduate school. Taking a class or two with a green non-profit or local university is an ad hoc approach that makes it difficult to get both the big picture and technical knowledge without taking several time-consuming semesters of courses. The proposed Fellows Program would offer a four-month, intensive and comprehensive look at green building issues facing New York City. This approach offers flexibility and near-term gain. In addition to the seminars, it offers immediate networking opportunities with instructors, hosts/sponsors, and other Fellows. Because the Fellows are likely to be from diverse backgrounds and professions, networks that might not have been previously tuned in to green building issues will be connected. Okay, Tell Me More The Fellows Program will consist of weekly seminars for four months, a Fellows Project, and Volunteer Requirement.  Seminars will include directed readings, guest lecturers and panels, and site visits to green material providers and green buildings. Fellows will work on a Project during the seminar period. Projects might include a business plan, a green material research project, a selection of case studies, etc. and will be supported by an assigned GreenHomeNYC Board or Staff member or a GreenHomeNYC Partner in Practice. At the conclusion of the four months, Fellows will be required to give back to GreenHomeNYC for a minimum number of hours to meet the Volunteer Requirement. Organizing forums, raising funds, training new volunteers are among the ways a Fellow could give back to GreenHomeNYC.  Internships GreenHomeNYC will provide support to Fellows looking for internships during the Fellowship program. Internships are not a required part of the progam. LEED/Other Certifications GreenHomeNYC will assist interested Fellows in putting together a voluntary LEED exam study group or other accreditations. However, the purpose of the Fellows Program is not necessarily to ready individuals to take certification exams. If you have comments or questions about the proposed program, contact [email protected] and check back for more information soon.