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February 3, 2011

February Forum – Melrose Commons North: Design Innovations in Green Affordable Housing

On February 16th, GreenHomeNYC will host a discussion of the design innovations in the three Melrose Commons North projects, which will be built on the last remaining large City-owned underutilized sites in the Melrose Commons Urban Renewal Area (URA). Together, the three projects will deliver more than 750 units of green affordable housing, bringing the total number in the Melrose Commons URA to 3500 units — a terrific milestone for an area that was synonymous with disinvestment and urban flight in the 1970’s. All three projects will meet the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, a green standard designed for affordable housing. The speakers for this forum are veterans of the decades long effort to turn the Bronx around — they’ll give us a look behind the scenes to how the three Melrose Commons North projects combine program and design in the service of rebuilding a vibrant, healthy community in the neighborhood that they’ve cared for and worked in through these years. (more…)