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May 12, 2010

Green Career Profile: Alison Kling

Alison Kling, Assistant Vice President of the Energy Policy Department, NYC Economic Development Corporation. Alison, thank you for speaking with me. Now what does that job title mean? What do you do – what does your job entail? EDC is an economic development organization, doing a lot of development, planning and real estate transaction services, and our group – there are seven of us – focuses on energy policy. We’re the advisors to the Mayor and City government on New York City energy policy. So basically that’s everything from energy efficiency and clean supply policy initiatives to representing the City in regulatory cases in front of the New York State Public Service Commission, and working with the utilities. A lot of it is working with the Mayor’s Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability, working on the PlaNYC energy initiatives. We helped write the energy chapter of PlaNYC and now we’re in the implementation phase, so that’s also everything from supply to regulation to public and private sector energy efficiency to fostering the renewable energy market and making it stronger in the city. In a nutshell that’s what we’re doing – and it’s a lot of policy work and then also project specific things that support that policy and research, and studies and outreach. (more…)