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March 17, 2020

New Music Video Sings Out for the Planet

    Inspired by the Environmental Movement, Boyan Slat & The Ocean Cleanup project, and teenager activist Greta Thunberg, composer Martin Vejarano created “Stop Go.” This new music video, performed by the Cumbia River Band, is an energetic and danceable invitation for environmental action around the world. “It conveys an urgent message and proposes a paradigm shift,” says Martin, “to honor Mother Nature over the comfort and the reckless consumerism displayed by contemporary humans.”   You can’t help singing along with the lyrics of this spirited plea for our planet, with a musical style that draws from a festive repertoire of Colombian Cumbia. Featuring artists on tuba, clarinet, accordian, guitar, Colombian percussion and vocals, this Cumbia in English invites all to dance and take action.   View Video

September 30, 2010

Future Green, Green Roofing Demo

Join David Seiter of Future Green Studio, 2pm for a Green Roofing Demonstration and Presentation as he walks you through his green roofing lot.  See for yourself local and adapted vegetation suited for the harsh conditions of rooftop living, and learn the basics of what is need to install your own green roof. Meet at the Future Green Green Roofing lot, middle of the block, across from the picnic tables, first come first serve. Below is a sneak peak of David’s work in action, and the pet plants growing on Third Street.

New green rooftop video.

Thanks to Melissa Friedling of Slouch Productions, for her enthusiasm and effort in the creation of our Video Action Clips.