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March 5, 2011

Save the Date! The New New York 2011 is coming

the new new york Mark your calenders for Saturday, October 1st 2011. GreenHomeNYC will be hosting its second annual green street fair event bringing to the street new ideas of a better, brighter and greener future. Last year’s launch in the Gowanus was exciting and incredibly successful and we could not have done it without your participation!  We had over 1,500 attendees,  and 80 vendors from green roofers to the BioBus.  It was a day filled with workshops and green buildings tours teaching people how to TAKE ACTION to make a more sustainable city. Even CNN stopped by! This year we will be building on the momentum of our success and aiming for even greater attendance, a wide variety of vendors, and workshops to provide a deeper understanding of what a true Green New York City can be.   Our exact location is in the works, to be announced in the Spring. We hope that you will join us!!  In the upcoming months we will be in touch to discuss our plan for this year.  If you want to secure a vendor spot early, contact us! Early birds will get  a discounted rate.  and we are going paperless…..so signing up will be all that easier, and greener. Other exciting news – + Karen Auster, of Auster Agency will be a driving force behind the event, again ensuring that all the details are attended to, and that they day goes without a hitch. + The New Museum will be enacting our Green Street Fair guidelines for their Festival of Ideas to take place on May 7th,  come find GreenHomeNYC at our booth! Warm regards, Gita Nandan + Alison Novak Co-Chairs, TNNY Steering Committee

October 1, 2010

Float down the Gowanus Canal

Take a Canoe Trip on the Gowanus, get a glimpse of the waterway from the waters edge. Tours are free at 9.30am and 11am – meet at 2nd Street and the Gowanus, 1 block over from the Block Party, where David Krieger will lead you along the waterway.  You will see close up history, culture, and ecology merge to create the unique heart of the Gowanus neighborhood. Bring your iPhone or MP3 player and headphones – audio narratives will be available so you can hear stories, and details of how the canal came into being.

Sunny and Beautiful!!!!

ENJOY the day at the NEW New York tomorrow!!! The day has arrived, and believe it or not, the weather is going to be perfect!  A respite from the rain.  Come out and enjoy the first days of the fall season. Stop by 10am to 6pm, and check out all the great demos, events, and vendors.

September 30, 2010

RIDE YOUR BIKE! Valet Parking with RAB

Recycle-A-Bicycle will be providing valet parking, at The NEW New York, on Third Street close to the corner of Hoyt.  Lower your carbon footprint, be kind to the neighbors, get a little exercise.

Future Green, Green Roofing Demo

Join David Seiter of Future Green Studio, 2pm for a Green Roofing Demonstration and Presentation as he walks you through his green roofing lot.  See for yourself local and adapted vegetation suited for the harsh conditions of rooftop living, and learn the basics of what is need to install your own green roof. Meet at the Future Green Green Roofing lot, middle of the block, across from the picnic tables, first come first serve. Below is a sneak peak of David’s work in action, and the pet plants growing on Third Street.

New green rooftop video.

Thanks to Melissa Friedling of Slouch Productions, for her enthusiasm and effort in the creation of our Video Action Clips.

September 29, 2010

Mind In the Gutter

Minds in the Gutter, literally. Join Kate Zidar, Coordinator of the Stormwater Infrastructure Matters (S.W.I.M.) Coalition, who will do a Chalk Talk at 1pm.  Meet at the S.W.I.M booth where she will frame where Third Street is in terms of the bigger drainage picture and discuss how the features of the street and sidewalk relate to the sewers below. As a group, we will do a “chalk talk”-style quick draw of the opportunities to manage stormwater right there in our midst. Then, participants will be invited to team up with a clipboard and create a more detailed Green Infrastructure drawing for display and discussion!

Water Water Water!! The DEP Water-on-the-Go Fountain

BRING YOUR WATER BOTTLE!! Free water will be provided throughout the day, thanks to the DEP, who will be installing their Water-on-the-Go Fountain. Located in the center of the event, near the Future Studios Green Roof yard, and near the food vendors, these drinking fountains will help keep everyone hydrated, healthy and happy.  Enjoy NYC’s own very clean tap water, just make sure to bring your own vessel. check out their facebook page. The Water-on-the-Go Fountain is one way that The NEW New York is able to maintain our sustainable goals, and be a zero-plastic, zero-waste event.

September 28, 2010

Street Tree Pruning and Maintenance Demonstration with TreesNY.

A Million Trees to Plant AND MAINTAIN. NYC’s Million Trees is a PLANYC initiative in partnership with NYC Parks and New York Restoration Project, helping New Yorkers plant a million trees in New York across the five boroughs, over the next decade.  But this ambitious project requires not only planting but also maintenance and stewardship of  our growing urban forest.  Come learn more about how, when, and why to prune, water, and care for our street trees with tree expert, Sam Bishop, of Trees New York.  TreesNY is an environmental and urban forestry nonprofit organization whose mission is to plant, preserve and protect New York City’s urban forest through education, active citizen participation and advocacy. Sam Bishop will be doing a tree pruning demonstration and talkat 2.30pm.  Join him at the corner of Third Street and Hoyt, southwest corner.  First come first serve. and check out their great video, get a glimpse of Sam Bishop at work.

September 27, 2010

Energy Audit Tours with Matt Brown of Life Cycle Solutions

Join Matt Brown, of Life Cycle Solutions for an Energy Audit Tour in the neighborhood.  Get the inside scoop on why energy audits are important, useful, and can reduce your bills.   The energy audit tour will take you around the common areas of a typical co-op and a sampling of apartments in the building.  You will learn how to examine the boiler room, hallways/stairways, entrances/exits, and the rooftop for energy efficiency – Matt will explain the major building systems that either directly use energy, or indirectly cause the use of energy, such as heating systems, domestic hot water, building envelope, lighting, water fixtures, and appliances.  We’ll be looking at the existing equipment, see how the different systems work together, and try to find ways to improve the building’s energy efficiency. SIGN UP – tours are at 11am and 12.30pm, and cost $15 per person. Matt will provide a copy of his energy audit report to participants before hand so they can see what to expect when they go through the process. Check out Matt’s Video Action Clip in the blog below, explaining how easy it is to Tune Your Radiator!

Open House Green Buildings Tours

GreenHomeNYC hosts the NYC Green Buildings Open House on Saturday, October 2nd, for the For the 8th consecutive year! The NEW New York is complementing a day of Green Building Open Houses located throughout the five boroughs.  Guests can visit a variety of green buildings, accompanied by the owners, designers, and engineers who built them.  Since 2007 GreenHomeNYC’s tour has been organized as the New York City edition of the National Solar Tour due to our role as the New York City Chapter of NESEA. NESEA is a regional membership organization that promotes sustainable energy solutions by advancing a multi-disciplinary network of professionals, sustainable energy solutions for the built environment, and proven results in the field. Visit this link to see what open houses will be open in your neighborhood and around the city. The solar installation atop the Monti building generates more than the amount of electricity needed during the day and sells it back to the grid. During the weekends, the almost the full amount generated is sold back as most of the commercial tenants are not using their offices during that time!