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March 16, 2018

Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Taubenblatt

Meet another GreenHomeNYC volunteer who dedicates her time to make our educational programs a success.  This month, the spotlight is on Emily Taubenblatt.   Why did you decide to volunteer for GreenHomeNYC? About 2 years ago, I wanted to connect with others in my chosen field of sustainability and I also was looking for a job when I heard about one of the Green Careers events. After attending, I learned that the group needed an event photographer and since I enjoy photography, I volunteered. I eventually became part of the Green Careers Planning team.   Where are you from? I’m from Westchester, NY   What did you study in school? I studied environmental planning as an undergrad and I have a Master’s in environmental science.   Where do you currently work? I’m a Project Consultant at APCO Worldwide, a global communications firm. I work primarily in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practice.   What GreenHomeNYC activities are you engaged in? I am on the planning committee for Green Careers and I attend a majority of those events. Occasionally, I also attend the Monthly Forums, if the topic interests me.   What do you like most about the organization? I now consider myself a professional networker, thanks to GreenHomeNYC. Attending events and talking with people after the panels has helped me build invaluable skills that I would not have otherwise. Being involved in this organization has really helped me put myself out there and connect with people.   What three things are you most passionate about? In no particular order: music, photography and saving the world (contributing to building a more sustainable future).