Green Careers February Recap: Resume Workshop

March 2, 2019

By Emily Taubenblatt  

Image by Emily Taubenblatt

  February’s Green Careers event had participants refresh their resumes “speed dating” style. Volunteer reviewers offered tips and best practices for the most successful resumes and participants walked away with multiple perspectives on how best to showcase their experience to land the job of their dreams.   In case you missed it, here are some of the tips that were given: Fit your resume onto one page. Send your resume in PDF format to preserve the formatting on any computer. Position your relevant skills and experience at the top of your resume, and put education further down the page. Include an objective or goal at the top of your resume. When describing internship experience, avoid using the term “intern”. Instead, take credit for the work you did as an intern by calling it the job that it is! Avoid extra white space and unnecessary lines. When describing your skills, keep it limited to those that are the most impressive — everyone knows how to use Microsoft Word! Break up large chunks of text into bullet points. Start each descriptive line with a strong verb. Know your audience and tailor your presentation of your experience to match the job you’re applying for. Make your experience sound exciting.